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Are you interested in brushing up on some monologues? Auditioning for a BFA program and don't know where to start? Need a second pair of eyes for your latest callback? Is that song in your book starting to feel a little rusty? In need of some new material?


Hello, hi, welcome! If you identify with any of the above questions, or have some of your own, look no further. 


Julia is an experienced, focused, and engaged coach for all of your acting needs. With a background in teaching, Julia thrives in a one-on-one environment to help you bring your material to the next level. Check out her services listed below!

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The College Audition

College audition prep can feel extremely daunting - never fear! Julia is well-versed in the world of college auditions. Having worked as an NYU Admissions Ambassador for 3 years, Julia coaches through the unique lens of the college process, and can have your entire portfolio primed and ready in time for any deadline. Package includes material consultation, self-tape prep, monologue and song coaching, a mock-audition, feedback, and more.


The Repertoire Refresh

Are you in need of some fresh music or monologues for your audition repertoire? Julia has an extensive knowledge of both the musical and straight theatre canon, and can help you find the perfect pieces to add to your actor toolbox. This package includes a consultation, an assortment of pieces to look at, and a coaching of chosen material.

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The Actor's Gym

Julia offers single coaching sessions if you need a brush-up on a piece, a second pair of eyes on those callback sides, or anything you may be in need of. 

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Always love working with Julia—not only does she have great intuition about what makes a strong piece, she’s awesome at collaborating to help you understand too, whether it be a scene, song, or monologue.

Nate S.

After working with Julia, I can walk into my college auditions with confidence! Her help has been invaluable, whether coaching my material, suggesting new repertoire, or just being an amazing support system. I could not recommend her more!

Marisa C.

Julia is such an insightful and supportive acting coach. While working with her I feel safe and ultimately so inspired to make bold acting choices and develop characters more deeply than I ever could have imagined. As a coach, Julia has a firm yet gentle guiding touch. She understands exactly how to communicate with her actors to bring out their best possible work.

Christina F.

Working with Julia is a dream!  I was under a tight deadline to get multiple pieces filmed and felt overwhelmed by the process.  Not only did she help me select material that perfectly fit my audition, but she also provided feedback that kept me grounded throughout filming. Julia is one of the most generous creatives I know, and she won't rest until you're walking away from your session feeling both prepared and inspired.

Bridget M.

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