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Adventure Theatre, DC

Debbie Minter Jackson, DC Theatre Arts

"Julia Lennon's Sally Brown is a hit with My New Philosophy - she's hilarious"


Downtown Cabaret Theatre

Jim Ruocco, CT Critic's Circle

"The beguiling Julia Lennon, in the role of Sophie, has the voice and radiance of an angel and star power of someone who is comfortable in the spotlight."

Sean Fallon, Broadway World

"I have seen this show multiple times before, and Julia Lennon is the best Sophie I have ever seen... Lennon provided a fresh and unique interpretation of Sophie, one that rings of more sincerity."


Lyric Stage Company of Boston

Don Aucoin, Boston Globe

"Director Long and her cast do an uncommonly skillful job in capturing the self-consciousness, alternating with bravado, of the soccer players. “The Wolves’’ is the quintessential ensemble piece. No cast member dominates the spotlight, and the nine actresses who play the girls at Lyric Stage rise admirably to the challenge of creating a group portrait while also differentiating themselves in a play that identifies characters only by number, not by name."

Nancy Grossman, Broadway World

"The ensemble is a meld of incredible talent and, as much as each character is a well-defined person, the whole is great because of the sum of its parts. Like their team in the story, the actors work together in service of a goal that is unachievable if they fail to pull in unison. Yet, even with only the usual couple of weeks to rehearse and mount the show, and recognizing the fact that few of the actors have worked together before, the chemistry and cohesiveness is striking."

R. Scott Reedy, MetroWest Daily

“Under A. Nora Long’s superb direction, each person in this well-chosen company is both very much an individual and also a team member… Julia Lennon [is] the guileless #8… All nine actresses blend their characters’ disparate traits seamlessly to make a believable ensemble.”


Downtown Cabaret Theatre

Sean Fallon, Broadway World

“Julia Lennon brings Sister Mary Robert to life in her powerful performance… Her song "The Life I Never Led," is one of the musical highlights... Lennon performs this number with believable feeling and emotion, generating a true audience connection with the character.”

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